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Joule, the Canadian Medical Association’s newest company, is dedicated to making it easier for CMA members to be at their best. Joule believes that when we work together, great things happen.

Physicians are in a unique position to drive meaningful change in health care. Using Output’s Innovation Platform, Joule makes it easier by stimulating physician-led innovation and removing the barriers to scalability.

We are so excited to be working with the team at Output. With their guidance and platform the response to our first innovation challenge was outstanding. To see such creative initiatives provided by our future generations of physicians fills us with pride, and a positive outlook on the future of healthcare.

Joule was created to provide CMA members with cutting-edge products and services and to be a catalyst in physician-led innovation. “Joule and Output are working together to create an opportunity for physicians in Canada, and elsewhere, to pursue innovative solutions to health care issues,” Lindee David, CEO. “Physicians are on the frontlines of health care and are in a unique position to identify and drive solutions that can have a real impact on patient outcomes—we’re making it easier for them to achieve success.”


Using Output’s Innovation Platform, Joule’s inaugural challenge harvested over 120 submissions in only two weeks. Output also helped Joule moderate and refine those ideas creating minimal viable products for three winning ideas in only six weeks!

In the news

  • This year’s grant recipients were selected by a panel of 12 Joule Innovation Council members, focusing on degree of disruption, health care benefits, scalability and relevance.
  • The challenge was launched at the end of May, targeting medical students and residents to answer the following question: how could utilizing 3D printing technology improve patient quality of life?
  • Making health innovation a reality: Second-round of Joule Innovation grants now open.

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