Solve problems by managing employee engagement at scale

Engage employees efficiently and move fast from ideas to outcomes with Output’s user-friendly innovation management platform

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✓ Document and improve key processes

✓ De-risk development of new ideas

✓ Identify and seize opportunities

Still collecting ideas with spreadsheets, suggestion boxes, & sticky notes?

You already know that asking employees to help solve problems can uncover incredible insights.

But gathering and managing ideas manually is hugely limiting:

  • Everything takes more time than it should
  • It’s hard for your people to get excited about participating if they can’t see what’s happening
  • No easy way to facilitate collaboration across departments and time zones
  • No “single point of truth” to review decisions, revisit tabled ideas, and evaluate what’s working

The good news?

Engaging the right people and turning ideas into outcomes is much simpler with the right tools and processes.

Still collecting ideas with spreadsheets, suggestion boxes, & sticky notes?

Tap into your employee hive mind efficiently & frequently with Output

More engagement

The ease of use and transparency of Output’s digital platform encourage more engagement and accountability, building trust over time

Better decision making

By engaging the right people, you'll reduce blind spots, prioritize and action the best ideas, and reduce risk

Quicker wins

Automated processes save time and remove bottlenecks so you can move from ideas to outcomes with lightning speed

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Gathering more ideas from the right people doesn’t have to be an administrative nightmare

We’ve helped innovators, silo-breakers and transformation leaders from around the world kickstart and improve employee engagement for quicker wins with less risk.

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Our most popular use cases

Continuous Improvement Icon

Process documentation & improvement

Uncover what lives in your employees’ heads to document key processes so they are repeatable and teachable for optimization and scale

Competition Icon

Idea competitions

Solve problems and identify new opportunities, quickly turning them into business outcomes

Idea Development Icon

Idea development

Get employee feedback to test assumptions, mitigate blind-spots, and decrease risk during all phases of development

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Why choose Output?

Superior user experience

Encourage more engagement with a beautiful and intuitive user interface.

Simple evaluation

Output’s evaluator interface and workflow design make scoring contributions and offering feedback fast and simple.

Flexible administration

Easily set security features, design challenges and change process steps on the fly. Message users, conduct surveys, action quick wins and report on KPIs all within the platform.

Easy implementation

Our team will help with technical implementation, share best practices and help you develop successful and sustainable engagement challenges.

Why choose Output?
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Blaine Jansen
The way the platform is designed almost forces you to change the way you approach thinking about innovation, in a positive way. You need to think about making the process as simple as possible to get the outcomes you want.

Blaine Jansen, Associate, Entuitive

How it Works

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Fill in the contact form, and we’ll reach out. If we’re a good fit we’ll set up a personalized demo for all stakeholders.

Set up your first project

We provide technical onboarding, share best practices and help you develop successful engagement challenges so you’re set up for success.

Transform how you innovate

With a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly platform, you can learn and achieve more than you could have imagined in your sticky-note days!

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Angie Schick
Usability was our top priority. Using Output to administer our annual competition greatly improved the experience for our applicants, evaluators, and our administrative team, and saved us so much extra time.

Angie Schick, Executive Director, New Ventures BC Competition

Engage more people, move faster, & get more done with Output

Manual processes to engage employees can kickstart a culture of innovation in your company, but they come with huge limitations. At every step, YOU can easily become the bottleneck, standing in the way of more transparency, more collaboration, and more quick wins.

When you’re ready to scale and empower your efforts, our flexible, user-friendly platform and best practices can help.

Innovation programs don’t have to feel time-consuming for you and obscure for everyone else.  Turn ideas into better outcomes efficiently with Output.

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Engage more people, move faster, get more done with Output