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Sidra is harnessing the imagination and energy of their talented team to turn great ideas into positive patient experiences.




Sidra Medical and Research Center is an an ultramodern, all-digital academic medical center in Doha, Qatar. Using Output’s Innovation Platform, Sidra has launched Project Imagine, a novel framework designed to encourage innovation at all levels within the organization.

Under the lead of Dr. Deepak Kaura, Executive Chairman, Foundation Clinical Services Management Group, Sidra is taking charge to create a collaborative, equitable, self-curating, and transparent culture of innovation that engages all staff in the creative process, thereby facilitating development of intellectual property.

Peter Morris
Project Imagine allows us to harness the imagination and energy of our very talented and committed people and turn great ideas into action and patient benefit. We value innovation and the wealth of creativity in our people.

Peter Morris, CEO

Our approach to encouraging innovation from within is to make sure that all our staff have an opportunity to contribute ideas in an open, constructive and transparent process. Output ensures all of our staff have an opportunity to contribute ideas. These may be ideas that create efficiencies in work processes and care services, or they might be technology innovations that positively affect patient experience and outcomes.

Dr. Deepak Kaura, Executive Chairman,
Foundation Clinical Services Management Group

With Project Imagine, Sidra will develop market-leading solutions that focus on quality, accessibility, cost, staff satisfaction and patient outcomes. Project Imagine will increase the quantity and quality of ideas available to Sidra, while improving the speed at which they are implemented.

Output is thrilled to enable this process. Using the Output Innovation Platform, Project Imagine has generated almost 100 great ideas and a flurry of social engagement over two challenges in under two months! Several ideas from this process are now being validated for implementation.

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  • Everyone has ideas and we want to see those ideas come to life.
  • Project Imagine is based on the concept of crowd sourcing innovation ideas that can lead to efficiencies in work processes or patient care services.
  • Project Imagine is really important for us, because we are passionate about providing the best patient care and services not only for today but also for tomorrow.

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