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Nearly every business struggles with these three process problems.
Here’s how Output helps you solve them.

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Process Documentation & Improvement

Acme Corp. is growing quickly. It is acquiring smaller competitors to grow revenue and constantly hiring new people.
There are multiple inconsistencies and workarounds throughout the company.

The Problem:

  • Business processes are not adequately documented
  • As a result, they are obscure, inconsistent, and inefficient

How Output Can Help:

Efficiently gather and organize employee input that will allow Acme Corp. to document, optimize and consistently execute each of its business processes.

The End Result:

Acme Corp.’s operations are consistent and more effective, improving company morale, increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

  • Processes are repeatable, teachable, and can be continuously improved
  • Valuable process information is not lost with employee transition
  • Employee roles and hiring needs are more clearly defined

Employee Idea Competitions

Shark Tank Inc. is a relatively traditional company where employees rarely go above and beyond.
The company needs new ideas to stay relevant and competitive. These ideas could come from employees if they were empowered to see the bigger picture and add more value in their roles.

The Problem:

  • Employee apathy is high and there is an insidious culture of complaining
  • There is no shared sense of purpose and solidarity

How Output Can Help:

Easily run an Employee Idea Competition to motivate and engage employees and act on the best ideas right away.

The End Result:

Shark Tank Inc. empowered its employees to see themselves as a valuable part of something bigger, improving innovation, employee morale and company culture.

  • Employees feel a greater sense of purpose at work
  • Employee trust and loyalty grows
  • New valuable ideas are being implemented

Problem Discovery & Validation

Success Int’l wants to systematically identify and address inefficiencies and other business problems and implement solutions that hit the mark. In the past, company leaders have identified and implemented solutions based on unfounded assumptions and without engaging the people closest to the problem.

The Problem:

  • Understanding of problems is too narrow leading to missed opportunities and wasted resources
  • Solutions often miss the mark leading to employee workarounds and resistance

How Output Can Help:

Create a process to fully unpack and understand problems and to explore and validate potential solutions to those problems.

The End Result:

Success Int’l reduced risk by validating assumptions before jumping to a solution. Listening to the people closest to the problem, it gained perspective and understanding to efficiently use its valuable time and resources to develop and implement the best solution.

  • Problems are fully explored before trying to fix them
  • Employees feel heard, improving culture and buy-in
  • Less time and resources are wasted on solutions no one wants